Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Most Deadly Gunslingers of the American Wild West

The gunslingers of the American Wild West have become as famous as any figures in American history.  In fact, names like Jessie James, Wyatt Earp, and Billy the Kid are more easily recognizable than the names of many U.S. Presidents.  And while many of the most notorious men (and women) of this era are remembered for their fast tempers and even faster guns, they have come to represent not just what many consider the most violent period of American history, they represent the pioneering spirit that tamed a frontier fraught with inherent dangers.  A romantic spirit that lives on in the hearts and minds of millions of Old West enthusiasts even today.
But, who can be said to have been the “deadliest” gunslinger of them all?  The one with the most kills?  The one said to have been the fastest?  Or perhaps, the one with the reputation for being the most ruthless?  Whatever the measure, here are ten who came to define what it meant to be “bad to the bone” during this age when men (and women) lived by the gun.  Read more . . .